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Saving The Planet, One Pallet Plank At A Time (And Making Your Home Look Fabulous)

By creating and offering an elegant range of handmade eco-friendly home decor and furniture made from locally sourced reclaimed wood and recycled materials, we are doing our bit to help you do yours.

What makes our eco-friendly home decor and eco-friendly furniture unique? Well, in addition to making all our products by hand, we recycle as much of the material used during the process as possible. Offcuts from one product are turned into other products until the offcuts reach a size that are no longer workable. In this case (and in the case of the wood shavings and sawdust we produce) we bag them up as fire starters, so nothing goes to waste and our production process does not damage the environment.

We’re a small team consisting of myself and my partner Nikki. So yes, a very small team! You can read our story here. Our core values are:

  • Sustainability – to actively decrease waste through making our products.
  • Inspiration – to strive to make our eco-friendly home decor and eco-friendly furniture as beautiful as possible so as to trigger people’s imaginations regarding what can be done with waste material.
  • Integrity – to deal fairly and kindly with all those involved in our day-to-day business, and in life generally.
  • Reliability – to answer all communication promptly and courteously, and fulfill any commitments we make to be the best of our ability.
  • Client-centricity – to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Due to the nature of the materials we work with many of our pieces are limited edition. If you would like us to make a bespoke piece please get in touch. You can take a look at a selection of eco-friendly furniture commissions we have been asked to make and see if they inspire any ideas for you.

Our courier-friendly products are available to buy on the Shop Page. Currently we are only able to ship nationally around South Africa due to prohibitive courier costs. We will continue to investigate alternatives as they arise, but for now we have to operate within this constraint. With each product you buy from us, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your choice is:

  • Good for you
  • Good for your home
  • Good for the planet

Eco-friendly Home Decor Range:


Sustainable Bathroom Accessories Made From Reclaimed Wood - Eco-friendly Home Decor | Reclaim Design


Sustainable Home Decor And Accessories Made From Reclaimed Wood And Other Recycled Materials | Reclaim Design


Sustainable Garden Decor And Accessories Made From Reclaimed Wood | Reclaim Design


Sustainable Homeware Made From Reclaimed Wood | Reclaim Design


Sustainable Kitchenware Made From Reclaimed Wood | Reclaim Design

Stunning and very original items in tune with the environment from two very dedicated and immensely innovative people who love what they do. A simple and beautiful website.

— Eddie Kirkwood

I bought stunning hanging boxes for my succulents and am so pleased! Have placed both in my atrium and it has given it a very Scandinavian feel. Really beautiful quality wood work and design. I also bought a little display of smaller succulents in little glass jars for my kitchen and it looks amazing!

— Jacqui Dixon

Requested a custom made crate for firewood storage. Michael offered great suggestions and the item was ready way before his timeframe. Great quality work, and very pleased with the final product.

— Mariska Rademeyer

Fabulous products; reasonable prices… Great variety and super friendly people. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the emails throughout the year. God Bless!

— Reven Davies

Recycled wooden plant stands and yogurt containers that have been upcycled! An amazing creative duo, Nikki and Michael ! I highly recommend their products.

— Kerry Simpson

I’ve just received my order of little wooden block stands from Reclaim Design. The blocks work perfectly as stands for my little linen paintings, exactly what I asked for & finished ahead of schedule. Thanks so much!

— Paula Breetzke

Reclaim design made me two lovely storage boxes on wheels to store firewood. They have really turned out well and look beautiful. Efficient, prompt and friendly service.

— Lee-Ann Drew

Wonderful unique design ideas that lightens up a dull space!!! Thank you!

— Julez Louise
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